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      In order to organize the work with clients properly, there should be a system that keeps record of cooperation with them, holds statistical data, important documents, and serves as a clever analyst. Mauris CRM include these and other features.

Why Us?

In order to organize the work with the business properly, there should be a system that analyses and keeps record of necessary information: stores statistical data and important documents, and serves as a clever analyst. Mauris CRM includes these and other features.

Our product has responsive mobile version that allows you to have full access to the system using a smartphone or tablet. Now, you are able to store in one place not only the information about your customers, but also all of the content for your website.

The system, we have developed, meets all the criterias, which are the most important for users. You can easily keep track of all information about customers, orders and payments. Now all the documentation is stored in one place so, for example, in order to make out an invoice to your customer you need to make just two clicks.

If you value the time of your employees and want to work efficiently, use Mauris CRM - an indispensable tool, which is necessary for both small and medium-sized businesses.

Customized Solutions
for every client

Comfortable work with data
Any sorting and filtering
Protected works protocol data
Email newsletters
Mailing push messages
Adapted for tablets and phones
The presence of the mobile client
Flexible configuration of user rights for each client
Ability to make a backup on your computer
Convenient ability to export and import data into the system


Mauris CRM

The basic set of implemented modules, used for website development. The final product is being developed based on Mauris Client for each customer individually.

Mauris Core

Library for Mauris CRM and embedded modules sets

Mauris Client

Cloud storage of your website data, storage of documents and interactions with customers. User-friendly interface for employees.

Integrated Solution

  • 1

    Website Development on the Basis of Mauris CRM

    Depending on how well is designed an interface, depends whether the customer will buy or simply leave the website. But what to do with the customer afterwards, how to build a relationship with him correctly? These and other problems are solved by a comprehensive solution for designing a website with Mauris CRM implementation. Now, thanks to the responsive design, traffic to your website will increase greatly and, with a single CRM, you will be able to track all actions of your customers.

  • 2

    Mobile Application Development

    The development of mobile applications based on CRM - is the latest trend in marketing. This is not surprising, because this decision opens up new large-scale business perspective and allows you to target correctly, depending on the behaviour of customers. This complex has many advantages, the most important of which is a flexible setting of push-notifications that are an excellent tool to deliver information to your customers.

Additional Services

  • Website Development

    We will develop a website with responsive design in a short time. Now your company will get a quality tool for sales and increase brand awareness. Entrust site development to professionals of Mauris Company!

  • Mobile app

    Are you thinking about the development of mobile applications for your business? Apply for this service to us. Our specialists will offer several scenarios for application development for any platform. We will implement the ability to use any of the functions of mobile devices: camera, GPS, internet, accelerometer and more! Mobile application will help your company to reach a new business level!

  • CleverExtractor

    Use a new tool for the collection and processing of various information. Now you do not have to waste time searching for the right information and placing it online. Instead of you, it will make an individual search bot — СleverExtractor.

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