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  • +38 (093) 749-78-89
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  • +38 (093) 749-78-89
    • Website development

      We solve a range of tasks within a specific project - from design to promotion and technical support.

    • Mauris CRM

      Products, based on Mauris CRM, provide companies with a possibility to manage the full range of cooperation with customers - from customer engagement to customer service and repeat sales.

    • CleverExtractor

      Your personal search bot

      Use a new tool for the collection and processing of various information. You have an opportunity to gather data from your website automatically, follow the information changes and analyze your competitors.

    • Mauris NFC storage

      Use mobile application Mauris NFC to interact NFC tags with Mauris NFC Storage.

Our strengths

  • International experience

    Striving to exceed customer expectations in our team has developed a high standard of quality products. We undertake projects of any complexity and achieve our goals. Therefore, we are approached by customers from all over Europe.

  • An extensive range of services

    We provide safe development of IT-infrastructure, which includes a range of products to customize workflows (business). Any of the products you can order separately.

  • Technical support 24/7

    You can count on our support in all technical matters. We value the trust of our customers, so our experts are always ready to help at any time of the day and provide free consultations.

Our projects

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Украинская компания создала приложение для поиска фильмов, которое работает по аналогии с Tinder
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Как украинцы создали кинопоиск "для себя", а потом решили на этом заработать
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DOU Проектор: Movie Expert — рекомендації фільмів за вашими інтересами
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“Не обязательно придумывать велосипед для того, чтобы на нём заработать”: история разработки текстового квеста «Тьма за спиной»
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Сложный интерфейс, падение сервера и другие проблемы на пути создания приложения.
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Приложение Movie Expert поможет выбрать фильм на вечер
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ТОП-5 трендов e-commerce в Украине в 2018 году
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ТОП-5 трендов e-commerce в Украине в 2018 году
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Таймлайн: Movie Expert
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