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Wide range of services

Do you think about starting your own business? This means that you have a number of important steps to make, and none of them should be skipped. How to build workflows and establish effective interaction with clients?

Our team offers development of customized solutions to create a unified IT-infrastructure. Your data will be stored in one place and will be accessible from any device. Products complex is designed to enable an effective work with clients: starting from the incoming call and up to the purchase.

  • Website – is a business card of a company, it introduces you to your future clients. Therefore, your future business and, consequently, your profit depends on this introduction. Apply for a website development to Mauris, and you will receive an effective tool for sales and brand recognition.

  • Eventually, every company faces the need of mobile application development. This tool enables your clients to use your services at any moment and brings additional income. Order a mobile application development at Mauris and get a quality product at a reasonable price.

  • In order to organize the work with clients properly, there should be a system that keeps record of cooperation with them, holds statistical data, important documents, and serves as a clever analyst. Mauris CRM include these and other features.

  • Use mobile application Mauris NFC to interact NFC tags with Mauris NFC Storage.

  • Use a new tool for the collection and processing of various information. Now you do not have to waste time searching for the right information and placing it online. Instead of you, it will make an individual search bot — СleverExtractor.

  • Do you want to save on calls to other cities and countries? Take advantage of Mauris VoIP service. It is convenient, safe and requires no monthly payments. Liberate yourself in communicating with your clients!

  • Email Marketing has become one of the most effective sales channels. However, not all clients have time to read the letters, which means your efforts are wasted. Mauris offers a single service of SMS and email newsletters that delivers the information to your clients with 100% guarantee.

  • hosting

    We provide services on placement server resources abroad. Now your software will have a reliable hosting, and we will take care of trouble-free operation and provide full configuration of your server environment: website, CRM, mail server, SMS gateway, VoIP and other.

  • We will help to organize the work of your corporate e-mail domain. Now, your employees will have their personal mailboxes. Your mail will be protected from unwanted SPAM and viruses. Access to corporate e-mail is available from any device.

  • Search Engine Optimization - it is no instant result. SEO requires a long-term work to become the first one appearing in the search results and sidestep rivals. Order this service from Mauris experts and we will put your company on Top 10 position.

  • Customized Solutions

    Mauris provides every client with customized solutions. After a deep analysis of the problem, we will offer you a number of scenarios for software products development. We carry out all the services on a turnkey basis.

Push messages

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