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    • Clever Extractor

      Your personal search bot

      Use a new tool for the collection and processing of various information. You have an opportunity to gather data from your website automatically, follow the information changes and analyze your competitors.

Why Us?

СleverExtractor — a tool for collection and processing of various kinds of information. You make a request for data search from certain websites. After that, the service analyses the sources and provides information that can be downloaded to your server and automatically placed on the website. It is quickly, convenient and effective.

Additionally you get the full statistics and information on all changes made on your selected websites. System СleverExtractor regularly analyses the information on specified sources and provides reports, updates in XML, JSON, or in graphical format.

We provide the possibility of simultaneous monitor up to 50 million pages. All reports will come to your email or mobile device.

Our experts are day-and-night providing the high level of service, so you will always get only the latest information and statistics. Save your time with СleverExtractor.


You do not have time to track all changes to the sites you are interested in? Don't worry! We can customize email- or push-notification, which you will receive on your phone only in case of important events. Thus, you will save time and will be informed on the latest updates!


  • E-commerce

    Use СleverExtractor to track the cost and availability of goods on the sites of your suppliers or competitors.

  • Personnel and job search

    Finding new employees becomes easier. Customize СleverExtractor to fit your needs and receive a daily list of current jobs and CVs.

  • By topics news tracking

    You do not want to spend time searching for articles you are interested in? We will set up a filter that will allow you to receive an individual selection of the latest information.

Select the optimal format of interaction for themselves

  • Mobile application

    Use mobile version CleverExtractor to stay in the know of all the updates.

  • Web interface

    Use an individual panel for dealing with data.

    RESTful API

    Use the RESTful API in JSON format to download the data automatically to your website or mobile app.



    Trends in modern marketing dictate the rules of the content. So that your website have a high traffic level, you have to add new information that will be interesting and useful to your target audience continually. Apply for your website development using a bot СleverExtractor, and you will never again have to search for useful content.


    Absence of API JSON - data exchange format, makes it difficult to develop a mobile application. Mauris team has solved this problem. Using the personal search bot СleverExtractor, you can transfer data from your Website to your mobile application. Apply for a mobile application development based on СleverExtractor and you will not have to worry about data transfer between your website and application.

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